Give an unwanted pet a home

Castle Hill Veterinary Hospital is one of the few veterinary hospitals to take in stray and unwanted kittens. They are often found in people’s backyards but we have had them dumped at the front door or over the fence, found at bus stops in boxes, in shopping bags in paddocks, car parks etc.

They are fully cared for (often being hand raised by the staff if they are found at a very young age) and treated for fleas and worms. Once healthy and sociable they are re-homed with vaccinations and micro-chipping.

The kittens are sold for a cost of $250, which partly covers the costs involved in rearing and medical care. We aim to socialise and find caring homes. We encourage desexing to minimise uncontrolled breeding.

Due to the huge influx of kittens we can only accept kittens depending on the numbers we currently have as we wish to ensure they all find good homes.